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Sunday, 15 March 2009 23:16

Freddie Chopin was born in 1984. He is a graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications (Acoustics specialisation) of Faculty of Electronics, Wroclaw University of Technology. Some time ago - an embedded engineer for a company designing medical diagnostics equipment, currently - owner of DISTORTEC...

The main of Chopin's interests are...

Freddie ChopinRock climbing

The interest in this strange sport started for good in 2006, mainly thanks to university's sport classes on climbing gym and in Sokoliki. rocks. During those few years Chopin achieved the level of 8a, but the march towards 9a goes on... (; Stats from Chopin's profile on the most fancy climbing portal show the whole picture.

Extreme sports

Chopin is (was?) a member of Nieublagani Zniwiarze group, which currently is pretty much defunct. Some time ago - BMX rider. Still - huge fan of bridge jumping. Generally Chopin has done some pretty extraordinary things in his past... [; Thanks to his strange intrests Chopin visited a nearby hospital's surgery ward several times, which resulted in having (in chronological order):

  • 2 plates + 10 screws in right forearm (for a year, a long time ago),
  • 2 plates + 9 screws in left forearm (for a year, a long time ago),
  • 1 plate + 4 screws in right pointing finger (currently),

so - as you see - Chopin has an impressive (as for his age) collection of scars... Bad luck <:


Very long time ago - something not worth mentioning. Since the end of primary school till the end of days - metal. At the beginning that meant strictly metal (mainly heavy, than doom, currently various generes: death, progressive, technical), but now Chopin also enjoys so called "good music" of many different generes (but still - mainly of rock origin, with occasional exceptions). Some statistics try to catch the truth about Chopin's musical taste. One day Chopin's extreme love for music resulted in a plan to become a sound engineer... A few years ago - music reviewer for doom.metal.pl website.


In the past Chopin played computer games a lot more than now... At some point however one starts to wonder about the extreme stupidity of majority of computer games... Chopin started to wonder about that after a couple of months lost on Knights Online (mmorpg), and than a couple more lost on ogame. Anyway - modern games are not like the ones from "the past" - the visual aspect is almost perfect but the gameplay is a disaster... Someday this was exactly the opposite way. Chopin still loves such milestones like Fallout (1&2), Planescape: Torment, Half-Life (1&2). Anyway - computers are not games alone! Chopin is a big fan (addict?) of internet forums, who unveils extreme emotions among others with his impressive post count on many different forums (among them: EiT forum - almost 10000, elektroda - over 8000, doom.metal.pl - almost 2000, ...). As an user, Chopin is known for his biting tongue, unpopular views and lack of mercy for stupidity and lamers. Co-creator (administrator) of EiT forum. From time to time Chopin enjoys a bit of PC programming in one of many languages (and "lanugages") he has learned: C, C++, C#, php, MATLAB, Simulink, html, css, mysql, ... Some time ago Chopin was looking for a place in the world of PC modding and overclocking - the only thing that is left is the affection for fast and pretty computers (; . However - not so long ago - Chopin's computer was a heavily overclocked water cooled unit.


This will be the main topic of this website, despite the fact that it's one of Chopin's most recent fascinations. Digital electronics would hold the majority of the area, but sometimes some analog devices will definetely occur (the necessary evil (; ). Chopin derives a lot of pleasure from dealing with devices with huge processing powers, so he is interested in DSPs and microcontrollers (ARM7, ARM Cortex-M3, dsPIC, PIC, MSP430, AVR, '51). Chopin's software is written mainly in C, but - as a advocate of good understanding of assembly language - include some (inline mostly) assembly in critical modules.

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