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Two new examples - STM32F4 and LPC1769
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Written by Freddie Chopin   
Saturday, 07 April 2012 15:21

Source code examples for LPC1114LPC2103STM32 and STM32CL available in Download > ARM > Examples were joined by two new projects, written for "super-fast high-end" MCUs - one for STM32F4 (new chips from ST, Cortex-M4F core with integrated floating point unit, 168MHz) and second one for LPC1769 (Cortex-M3, 120MHz).

These examples are both configured for linaro toolchain. In case of STM32F4 example it is not possible to use CodeSourcery toolchain, because it lacks libraries supporting floating point coprocessor. LPC1769 example - due to lack of high-end fancy stuff in Cortex-M3 core - can be used on any toolchain available.

STM32F4 example is configured for STM32F4DISCOVERY board, which has an embedded ST-LINK/V2 interface, so for debugging it requires development version of OpenOCD, from these available on this website in Download > Software > OpenOCD dev - at least from February 2012 (OpenOCD 0.6.0-dev-120229143915 / 0.6.0-dev-00448-gc59a441 or 64-bit version) - previous versions, including "stable" 0.5.0, don't support this interface.

It's also a good idea to remind that for proper operation of the examples GNU Coreutils have to be installed in the system (Windows installer is available in Download > Software > Coreutils). This information is provided above the examples, but some people miss it anyway... (; This time it is even more important, as Windows package of linaro toolchain does not contain make executable. It is also worth noting that Coreutils and toolchain must not be installed in a path that contains brackets (so "Program Files (x86)" in 64-bit systems is out of the question).

Taking the occasion, I'll also write that STM32F4DISCOVERY modules (and other...) can be bought from DISTORTEC for a very good price, better (that means "lower") than on allegro! If someone would be interested in buying one of these (of course with a receipt / invoice) - contact me here or there (; .

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